Monday, 22 October 2012

This program supports -2A7B service tags DELL PASSWORD

This program supports -2A7B service tags
Short HDD serials should be left padded with '*' up to the length of 11 chars
Example: 12345678-2A7B =>> ***12345678-2A7B
Letter case does matter - abcdefg-2A7B is not equal to ABCDEFG-2A7B
Please enter the service tag exactly as shown on the screen, e.g. AB12C3J-2A7B

Input: #

Laptop Password unlock

Service Center Bangladesh Dhaka
Shop # 938 Level # 9
multiphan center 69-71 Newelephant Road
New market Dhaka 1205
hotline:  01911305769 01712595430  8802 8624456

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